Transport Appeal Tribunal Amendment Bill: The ANC has burned KZN’s transport system to the ground

Issued by Riona Gokool – DA KZN Spokesperson on Transport
14 May 2024 in Press Statements

Over the past 30 years, KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) has been pulled apart by the corrupt hands of the ANC as mismanagement and maladministration see no real improvement to our roads and transport system.

Today, few of the available modes of transportation are affordable to the majority of South Africans who remain living in poverty. These modes of transport are also ill-maintained, unreliable, overcrowded and unsafe, thanks to the ANC.

The ANC has also done nothing to bridge the transport gap between rural and urban areas. Transportation of goods and people and the state of our roads has a direct link to the state of the economy in our province and our country. This narrative will continue if voters continue to be abused and lied to by the ANC and the ANC/EFF doomsday coalition which will burn our country to ashes.

The simple truth is that the ANC have set our country on fire. A non-functioning eThekwini port, a non-existent railway system, an unsafe taxi industry, roads riddled with potholes the size of craters, damaged bridges and untarred roads, is what the ANC has delivered to KZN’s people.

KZN’s Department of Transport (DoT) has been the biggest contributor to government department irregular expenditure in the last five years, failing to spend its infrastructure budget effectively and fully each year. In 2023, the DoT surrendered R200 million towards the provincial reprioritization exercise despite the increased demand for repairs on storm damaged roads. These funds were surrendered due to slow spending on various road rehabilitation projects related to the April 2022 floods.

Then there are the so-called catalytic projects such as Go!Durban, now a white elephant due to constant delays in implementation. This programme was supposed to be operational from 2016 but experienced delays caused by several factors including taxi associations and business forums. The list goes on and on – all proudly brought to KZN’s people by the ANC.

With days to go before the elections, the ANC will be out in full force, trying to dupe residents into believing that a free t-shirt and a food parcel are the answer to their problems.

On 29 May, KZN’s people will have the opportunity to rescue our province from the destructive hands of the ANC and install a DA-led government with a proven track record of delivering services. Not only is the DA KZN’s most effective opposition, it is the only party that offers a tried and tested alternative for our province.

Only a new government that is anchored by the DA can restore the hope we all felt when we saw our beautiful flag flying high for the first time in 1994. This province is ready for a new way – for a better way, built upon hope. The choice has never been simpler for voters – DA or Doomsday.