Our People

This is the new generation of DA leaders working hard every day to bring change to  KwaZulu-Natal.

Meet the members of the DA KwaZulu-Natal provincial legislature

Francois Rodgers

KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Leader

Born in 1961 in Pietermaritzburg,the capital city of KwaZulu-Natal , Francois Rodgers was elected as the DA KZN Leader on the 27th March 2021. He attended Cowan House Preparatory School and then went on to study at Maritzburg College, he joined the Receiver of Revenue, moving to auditing of Sales Tax and PAYE. After having

Imran Keeka

Education, QOL

Mbali Ntuli

Public Works

Francois Rodgers

Finance, Public Works, SCOPA

Rishigen Viranna


Heinz Ulrik De Boer

Economic Development , Tourism & Enviromental Affairs

Sharon Hoosen

Community Safety , Liaison & Transport