DA in Msunduzi is vindicated by court’s decision to reinstate suspended City Manager

Issued by Councillor Ross Strachan – DA Msunduzi Caucus Leader
06 May 2024 in Press Statements

The DA in Msunduzi welcomes the decision of the Labour Court to set aside the suspension of the Msunduzi Muncipal Manager, Lulamile Mapholoba.

Mayor Mzi Thebolla usurped his delegated of powers in suspending Mr Mapholoba by following an unlawful process to hide his own alleged corruption and political Interference into the affairs of the Municipality.

His decision was driven by his intent to hide corruption, by using Senior Officials as scapegoats to drive the political agenda of the ANC which is to loot and steal.

Any allegations of Corruption, Financial Misconduct or the likes must be Investigated, including those against the City Manager, but due process must be followed to ensure transparency.

The DA will ensure that the Mayor, and those who voted for this unlawful decision be held accountable.

All monies spent on defending this unlawful Council decision, the payment of an Acting City Manager, the payment of Legal Representation, must be surcharged to those councillors who voted for the unlawful suspension.

This all being exposed after the MEC of CoGTA states that everything in Msunduzi is “hunky dory” and improving to move out of Section 139(1)(b) Intervention.

The ANC continues to show its true colours and continue to prove that they are not fit to govern in this Province. Residents of this City m