DA calls for zero tolerance on KZN’s treacherous roads over Easter weekend

Issued by Riona Gokool – DA KZN Spokesperson on Transport
27 Mar 2024 in Press Statements

With the Easter weekend almost underway, the DA in KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) urges provincial traffic and law enforcement officials to enforce the law when it comes to unlicensed vehicles, unroadworthy vehicles and intoxicated and unlicensed drivers.

This as a steady influx of visitors is expected to our province, placing additional strain on an already over-burdened and treacherous road network.

While the DA notes and welcomes maintenance conducted on both national and municipal roads in KZN during the past few weeks, regrettably it is superficial. This as grass is cut and roadside barriers are fixed, in what appears to be preparation for the Easter period.

KZN’s poor road conditions continue to be a source of major concern to the DA, along with thousands of road users. This as regular maintenance is still not taking place, particularly on municipal roads and as many roads have still not been fixed after the April 2022 floods, despite funding being allocated for this purpose.

The ongoing carnage on KZN’s roads is also a clear indication that the province is way behind when it comes to building a world class road and transport system to rival those of developed countries.

KZN’s Taliban faction ANC-run government has allowed our roads to become death traps. Despite horrific accidents – many of which could have been avoided – it is yet to come up with real solutions to the many road challenges. Poor road design, a lack of accountability in terms of contractors, mismanagement of funds and jobs for pals are only a few of the ongoing issues the ANC continues to ignore.

On 29 May 2024 KZN’s voters will have the opportunity to vote for a new government – one that ensure that road safety is prioritised rather than lining of the pockets of those who are politically connected.