DA urges eThekwini not to turn back on cutting DSW overtime cost amidst illegal protest

03 Aug 2022 in Press Statements

The DA in eThekwini notes with concern the ongoing illegal strike by some Durban Solid Waste (DSW) employees due to the 50% cut in overtime implemented from the 1st of August.

This cut in exorbitant overtime spend was agreed on by council.

The strike currently continues to impact on the collection of waste and street sweeping services around the city.
By the end of June 2022, DSW had anticipated to have spent over R150 million on overtime costs as the system was being abused.

The DA have consistently fought hard to bring an end to paying millions of rands on unnecessary and avoidable overtime without getting meaningful value for self-created crisis. These include ageing fleet as well as protest and strike actions resulting in overtime to clear the backlog. There were also instances of dodgy private contractors failing to fulfil their obligation, requiring DSW employees to complete their task.

We supported the decision to minimize overtime cost and continue to urge the municipality management not to retract on the 50% overtime cut.

It is common knowledge that the overtime payment system in the City has been abused and even left open to alleged political interference with no consequence management. Instead of ensuring that the city is clean, the overtime system seeks to foster a flawed incentive structure which is clearly bloating the cost of keeping the city clean.

While cutting exorbitant overtime costs is the first step in attempting to fix the broken DSW department, the real crisis lies in the management of the unit and the disastrous leadership of the ANC in the city. The city must prioritise the replacement of the aging refuse fleet, employ competent workers – including management – and ensure that the collection and cleanliness of this city is revived.