ANC-led eThekwini exacerbates billing woes

Issued by Councillor Nicole Bollman – DA eThekwini Deputy Chief Whip
22 Jun 2022 in Press Statements


The Democratic Alliance in eThekwini has written to the Head of Revenue Management, Mr. Lihle Ndzelu, to request that his department urgently addresses the non-operational email and portal services that residents use to submit their meter readings.

As part of the intended services rendered by the municipality, regular water and electricity meter readings were to be done – water readings were to be conducted every month with electricity every three months. Due to the irregularity of these readings, the city in 2020 offered consumers the ability to email their monthly meter readings to a variety of email addresses dependant on which region one resided.

In May this year, it was noted that these email addresses were no longer functional, and consumers were encouraged to register using the eServices Portal which has also since become non-operational. The Municipality cited “technical issues” for both the email and portal options.

This places our residents and utility holders on the back foot in terms of their electricity submission. Without regular readings by the Municipality and the ability for residents and business owners to retain control of their accounts by submitting their own readings, the city will continue to estimate costs and increase the average – a punch to the stomach of our already overburdened ratepayers.

The DA is fighting for billing solutions after consumers of eThekwini are rendered powerless when wanting to submit their meter readings.

The DA remains committed to the citizens and ratepayers of eThekwini in ensuring they are charged fairly by the city.