Zandile Gumede’s Legislature promotion a slap in the face of Durbanites

19 Aug 2020 in Press Statements

The Democratic Alliance is disgusted by the ANC’s move to elect Zandile Gumede to a cushy seat in the KZN Legislature. 


Gumede, who served as eThekwini’s Mayor from 2016 to 2019 and brought the City to its knees, is out on bail in an elaborate corruption and fraud case relating to Durban Solid Waste.


The ANC recalled her as Mayor and removed her off the eThekwini EXCO but have not taken any action against her in the municipality and she has remained an ordinary Councillor until now. 


The 62 Councillors who were named in court as having worked with Gumede have also not been suspended, despite four of them having also been arrested. 


Gumede’s grip on eThekwini’s politics and purse continue. Her elaborate EPWP scheme, which has been repeatedly flagged by both the Audit Committee and the Auditor General, has twice been refunded by the new city leadership.


One of the four companies listed as Gumede’s co-conspirators continues to receive municipal tenders, including a R17 million water tender in February this year. 


It is obvious that the former Mayor is a powerful figure in the ANC who has protection in high places. Why else would she earn a promotion back to the legislature when her absolute disgraceful behaviour is so clear for all to see? 


The ANC is a criminal organization with no intention of rooting out corruption or holding its own who do wrong accountable. 


This move is a slap in the face of every eThekwini resident, and indeed of every resident of KZN who now has to foot the bill for Gumede’s lifestyle.