Election 2024: Voters must steer clear of KZN’s MIA political parties

Issued by Francois Rodgers, MPL – Leader of the DA in the KZN Legislature
09 Apr 2024 in Press Statements

As we approach the end of the parliamentary term, there will inevitably be those within KwaZulu-Natal’s (KZN) Legislature who will use the opportunity to engage in gratuitous back patting and self-pontification about their so-called achievements during the last five years.

While 30 years of democracy is indeed worth celebrating, sadly the past three decades have also failed to address the triple challenge of unemployment, poverty and inequality. No amount of sloganeering or political grandstanding will convince the people of our province otherwise.

The current government’s radical economic transformation has become nothing more than a campaign slogan – one that has only helped those who are politically connected, with little to no positive effect on the vast majority of our people.

While KZN’s government may have achieved some successes during the sixth parliamentary term, our province’s poverty and inequality indices don’t lie.

The seventh term of the Legislature will have its mandate cut out and the focus needs to be on implementable policies to address this scourge. Failure to do so will see true economic freedom and equality remaining nothing more than a pipe dream.

As our province and our country approaches the May general elections, voters will once again be able to use their democratic right to elect a government. One that has a plan and the political will to address the numerous challenges that continue to burden the majority of KZN’s people.

Voters must now assess the performance and commitment of political parties during a term which has seen a disgraceful number of representatives – particularly amongst minority parties – conspicuous in their absence during sittings and budget debates and adoptions.

The DA prides itself on having been KZN’s only effective opposition and is ready to govern and restore hope to the people of our province.