KwaDukuza council “held to ransom” by business forum

Issued by Councillor Privi Makhan – DA KwaDukuza Caucus Whip
11 Sep 2023 in Press Statements

The DA in KwaDukuza notes with concern the ongoing attempts by the ANC to appease unlawful business forums, in order to hold on to their fast-diminishing power.

At a reconvened full council meeting held on Thursday, 07 September 2023, an item was submitted to council to seek approval for an emerging contractor’s empowerment and implementation plan.

While the DA is cognizant of the role that local government should be playing in local economic development, we requested that the item be deferred on the following basis:

• That despite consultation being done with the Head of Supply Chain Management (SCM), the comments from both SCM and Legal did not appear on the item.

• That the item was written specifically to ensure emerging contractors benefit from the R1,2 billion disaster funding which is already a contentious issue in KwaDukuza.

• That the function of policy development for emerging contractors should be that of the Economic Development business unit and not the Civil Engineering business unit.

• That there were far too many legislative and compliance gaps in the item, which may lead to a contravention of the Municipal Finance Management Act.

Despite the resistance from the DA for the item to not be approved in its current format, the ANCs overzealous support of the item is a glaring indication that the KwaDukuza council and administration are now being held to ransom by the business forums and emerging contractors that were present in the gallery at this council meeting.

The relentless onslaught by the construction mafia and business forums by way of project interruptions, protest action and alleged vandalism to municipal property must be condemned in the strongest terms.

While the ANC in KwaDukuza continues to sell its soul to the highest bidder, the DA will be exploring mechanisms to ensure that the public purse is protected.