Lack of effective management and political interference at the centre of the Msunduzi waste strike

07 Oct 2021 in Press Statements

The Democratic Alliance in the Msunduzi Local Municipality is gravely concerned about the state of affairs in this municipality following the weeklong strike by employees from the Waste Management Unit.

The current strike action in Msunduzi, which is affecting various departments within the same building, has now gone on for the entire week without resolve.

The demands made by the officials have been drawn out over the entire week, and are still not concluded.

It is abundantly clear there is a lack of effective management riddled with political interference in this Department. The ANC’s cadre deployment policy is clearly catching up with the governing party. They have been captured by their own employees.

With this all transpiring, less than a month before Local Government Elections, the City is reinforcing its labelled name of the “City of filth”.

The people of this city should expect more of this to come if the ANC continue to govern the Municipality. The choice could now not be clearer at the ballot box: more of the same or allow the DA to get things done.

The time for action against this rot is now. The residents can dictate if they want a government that cares for the people of Msunduzi and not political interests.