#KZNisBurning: Premier must do the right thing and step down with immediate effect

Issued by Francois Rodgers – DA KZN Leader
15 Jul 2021 in Press Statements

The past few days will forever reflect as a dark time in the history of KwaZulu-Natal. We have been embarrassed – not only in the eyes of South Africa – but the rest of the world.

The DA takes this opportunity to thank all those law abiding citizens from across our province who refrained from the anarchy, looting and civil unrest. Our particular gratitude goes to those within our communities who legitimately took to the streets to defend their livelihoods, their families and their neighbours while KZN’s government and its security forces failed them.

These are the true heroes of our province – people from all political affiliations, from all religions and cultures. People who took to the streets – whether in the form of road blocks, street patrols or neighbourhood watch groups – to provide any and all forms of assistance or simply to comfort a distressed neighbour.

These are the individuals who bravely put their hands up and stepped in where the government of KwaZulu-Natal failed them. In our darkest hour, they were left to fend for themselves and they showed true patriotism, strength and courage. The DA salutes each and every individual.

The failure of this government has destroyed our province’s economy and it has destroyed many jobs. As the head of government, the Premier needs to hang his head in shame. In our darkest hour he failed to uphold his oath of office and deserted the people of KZN.

Standing in the shadows, he watched all of this unfold. Standing in the shadows, he watched people being killed, he watched the looting, he watched the anarchy, he watched buildings and industry being torched. He watched peoples’ livelihoods being burnt to the ground and he watched our economy destroyed. Yet, until yesterday he remained in the shadows. Shame on you, Premier! While you should have led from the front, you left the people of KZN to fend for themselves.

The Premier has failed the people of KZN. His legacy will forever remain as the Premier who stood in the shadows, watching KZN and our economy be destroyed while putting ANC factionalism ahead of the people of KZN.

The Premier must be held accountable. More importantly, he must take responsibility for his complete and utter failure to lead. This means doing the right thing and stepping down with immediate effect so that KZN can appoint an effective and credible Premier and leader – not one who serves his own political agenda.