Police Minister still mum on possible serial killer in Umzumbe

Issued by Cllr. Leonard Ngcobo – DA Ugu District Caucus Leader
12 Aug 2020 in Press Statements

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in Ugu District is deeply concerned by the silence of Police Minister, Bheki Cele on the urgent issue of the cold-blooded murders of women in Umzumbe.

Two more women were found murdered yesterday morning and today. This brings the number to six women. The police are yet to do examinations to find out whether or not the latest two women were raped.

The DA sends its sincere condolences to their families and to the community.

Allegations have been growing in the community that there is a serial killer who is responsible for these heinous crimes. A month ago we requested Minister Cele to investigate these allegations after four women were found raped and brutally killed in the same area.

We are yet to receive a response and no arrests have been made.

Most crimes against women in the country happen in KZN and the province is also the “rape capital” of the country,yet, Cele has been silent and is clearly not treating this matter with the urgency that is deserves. Women are dying and he would rather focus on imposing nonsensical laws during the national lockdown. He is continuously failing women by ignoring their plight and not prioritizing their safety.

It is disheartening that women are losing their lives even during the month when they are supposed to be celebrated. The government has made it easy for perpetrators to do as they please, knowing they will not be arrested for their crimes.

Until the police get serious about Gender-Based Violence, women will continue to fall victim and lose their lives.

The current government must hang its head in shame. Women and children are not free to walk around in the streets of this country as their safety is not guaranteed. They continue to be victimised, raped and killed daily and the blame lies squarely with the current government.

The DA rejects all forms of violence, particularly the killing of women and children.