DA eThekwini calls for City Manager to account for incorrect ratepayer bills

Issued by Councillor Thabani Mthethwa – DA eThekwini Caucus Leader
05 Feb 2024 in Press Statements

It has come to light that an increasing number of ratepayers in eThekwini are still being slapped with bloated incorrect municipal bills. The DA in the city has been inundated with frustrated residents coming forward asking for assistance.

While the billing mess in eThekwini is nothing new, it remains mind-boggling how the city has yet to take the matter seriously and immediately seek a solution. eThekwini’s slow pace to action means the number of people being affected is growing each day from the recently recorded close to 50 000.

During a meeting on 05 December 2023, between the DA and eThekwini officials, including City Manager, Musa Mbhele, among others, the city had promised to resolve this nightmare. Among resolutions reached were that action would be taken against the officials behind this billing blunder, however nothing has come of it.

The City Manager should be investigated and held accountable for failing to ensure regular reading of meters.

While the decision taken to not disconnect the around 50 000 customers affected due to the city’s own incompetence was an acceptable start to finding a solution, the DA believes it is not close to enough.

For starters, the DA in eThekwini is calling for a strict audit of the process and reasonable payment arrangements for those paying for the services actually used.

When residents take up the issue of these incorrect bills, they are simply told to pay now and query later, but where are residents expected to have such large amounts of monies lying around in this tight economy?

The DA will continue to fight for residents continuously discarded by this non-caring city of eThekwini which turns around and wastes ratepayers hard-earned money on frivolous things while the residents are left to pick up the incorrect, bloated bill.