Poachers must not be allowed to cripple KZN’s rural economy

Issued by Heinz de Boer, MPL – DA KZN Spokesperson on EDTEA
22 Jan 2023 in Press Statements

The DA urges residents to support the northern KwaZulu-Natal region’s tourism businesses and prevent poachers from wrecking the region’s already fragile economy.

Following the attack on a tourist boat on the Jozini Dam last week, the DA has enlisted the help of many high-ranking provincial and national conservation and policing officials. It is believed a heavily armed group of men fired shots at the boat before opening fire on an already decimated herd of elephant.

Poachers cannot be allowed to stifle and cripple an already hard-hit tourism economy. Visitors to the Jozini region are encouraged to support the ecotourism sector surrounding the area.

Recent oversight of the various tourism facilities on the Western shores of the dam indicate that an intricate security network is in place.

These security and anti-poaching measures have been in place for years and are an indication of the commitment private landowners have made to ensuring visitors’ safety on a large tract of the dam’s Western shores.

While the recent shooting has highlighted the long standing battle for wildlife conservation, the public has the power to strengthen anti-poaching efforts by supporting local ecotourism businesses.

The DA will continue the fight against poaching and will ensure that this issue is prioritised at the highest levels. Our natural heritage must be protected.