DA calls for Health Education Programme for communities along rivers with high E.coli readings

Issued by Councillor Gavin Hegter & Councillor Nicole Bollman –
21 Nov 2022 in Press Statements

The DA in eThekwini today calls on the Head of eThekwini Health, Ms. Rosemary van Heerden, to roll out an intensive Health Education Program in communities that depend on riverine systems for water.

For rural and informal communities depending on direct water sources from rivers, streams and lakes for drinking, cooking, and bathing, the health risks are most severe, especially given that these residents are unaware of what they might be consuming.

The DA notes with concern that even though the municipality has ensured various beaches have been closed since the floods in April and May, due to excessive E. coli readings, that the riverine systems which traverse through the Metro, lined with informal settlements and consisting of some of our cities most vulnerable residents, remain untested.

With the very real possibility of the outbreak of waterborne diseases, regular testing of these environments is crucial and access to potable water is necessary and so the DA further recommends that Mr. Ednick Msweli, Head of Water and Sanitation, ensures that the communities do have access to clean, consumable water.