IFP-run AbaQulusi Mayor mutes DA councillor for questioning misuse of municipal funds

Issued by Councillor Swelakhe Shelembe – DA Councillor
22 Sep 2022 in Press Statements

The DA in AbaQulusi local municipality has written to the IFP Municipal Speaker, Cllr.Micheal Khumalo to request that resolutions taken during Tuesday’s Finance Committee meeting be declared unlawful.

We have also requested the Speaker to urgently investigate and act decisively against the IFP Mayor, Cllr. Mncedisi Maphisa who is also the Chairperson of the Finance committee, who has for the second time now muted a DA councillor who was joining virtually.

Due to safety reasons, the councillor was not able to join the meeting physically and could only join virtually.

The IFP Mayor muted the DA councillor throughout the meeting. This following the DA’s attempt to question him about the misuse of municipal funds.

This is a clear indication that he doesn’t want to be questioned and held accountable for exorbitant amounts spent on security services, hiring of eight vehicles that cost the municipality an amount of R408 858.13 and R414933.72 for fuel in a month of august 2022.

The DA cannot allow rate payers’ monies to be spent in this fashion and not be accounted for. This is a deliberate act to eliminate the DA caucus to partake on the crucial deliberations concerning finances of the municipality and avoid accountability by the Mayor.

The DA also wanted to question the poor revenue collection and a lack of turnaround strategy to deal with theft of electricity, since it still remains a matter of concern, including poor service delivery while the municipality is paying exorbitant amount to service providers.

The DA caucus distances itself from any resolution taken on Tuesday at the finance meeting and deems them unlawful. The DA will continue fighting for accountability, clean governance and transparency.