IFP’s sudden about-turn is not surprising

17 Nov 2021 in Press Statements

The Democratic Alliance in KwaZulu-Natal entered into negotiations with the IFP on hung municipalities in good faith, however, the surprise turnaround by the IFP is not unexpected.

The DA’s negotiating mandate was to support the IFP and in return requested to hold the position of MPAC in those councils. This would have afforded the DA the opportunity to monitor and ensure effective and clean governance. Obviously, this proposal would have exposed the IFP in those municipalities where governance has failed.

The DA finds it strange that the Leader of the IFP publicly announced that they would under no circumstances form any coalition with the ANC. Clearly, the Leader of the IFP does not carry the mandate of his political party. Going forward, it is now abundantly evident that there is a clear difference between the IFP, ANC and the DA when it comes to effective service delivery, building a capable state and dealing with corruption.

The DA will now field Mayoral candidates in KZN’s hung municipalities including eThekwini and Msunduzi. This will now force the IFP and ANC coalition to show its hand in the election of these positions. Voters who voted for the IFP and ANC will see for themselves the fake campaigns run by both these parties.

The DA will further work on building opposition voting blocs with those minority parties who have stood their ground during coalition talks. The DA remains the only principled party that can ensure effective opposition in the province.