ANC collapse eThekwini Council meeting

23 Nov 2021 in Press Statements

Note to Editor:  Please find an attached soundbite in English by Cllr. Nicole Graham, the DA eThekwini Caucus Leader.

The Democratic Alliance remains steadfast in our commitment to change in eThekwini, despite yesterday’s chaotic Council meeting.

Yesterday’s meeting elected a Speaker and the Executive Committee before running into trouble. The ANC had clearly realised that ground had moved underneath their feet and were at pains to delay proceedings.

After a lengthy lunch break and a caucus, the ANC began raising numerous frivolous points of order. This included about the stability of the tent, the wind and Covid-19. It was clear they did not want the meeting to proceed and Speaker Thabani Nyawose refused to draw a line in the sand.

The electricity in the tent then went out under suspicious circumstances and a mob of ANC supporters stormed the meeting, pushing over tables and trying to intimidate councillors. There was ample police and security on site but no arrests were made.

The meeting was eventually called off and will reconvene on Wednesday. The DA intends to nominate myself for Mayor and will work with opposition parties for other positions.

The DA will stay the course and remains committed to electing an opposition government in eThekwini. Real change is possible and is on the table.

The ANC are bound to spend the next day trying every possible avenue to win councillors over. Every trick in the book is about to be utilised in a desperate attempt to claw back support.

We remain optimistic that a better future is possible and can start on Wednesday in eThekwini.