DA rejects IFP Mayors’ R1,4 million vehicle spending spree

13 Oct 2021 in Press Statements

The Democratic Alliance in KwaZulu – Natal believes the splurging on two vehicles to the tune of R1, 4 million by IFP Mayor, Zama Shabalala in the Umzinyathi District Municipality is a complete disgrace and should be immediately sold.

That the IFP Mayor can justify the purchase of two vehicles, including a “back up” vehicle for himself while so many residents in his municipality continue to live without basic services is a middle finger to the very people who voted him into office.

With the Mayor believes he is entitled to these two vehicles, Mayor Shabalala has proven that the IFP’s approach to municipal finances and prioritising the needs of the poor, are no different to those of the ANC. It’s becoming difficult to tell the difference between the two parties now.

The DA believes that if the IFP wants to show any credibility and save face on this extravagance , they should instruct their mayor to immediately return the vehicles or sell them. What they do regarding this matter will be an important test for the IFP and their commitment to clean governance in KZN. The DA has always been a party that puts the needs of people first and politicians last. It is what has allowed us to be the party that gets things done and this continues to remain our offer to the people of KZN in the upcoming elections.