DA will fight with Ratepayers in Msunduzi while ANC plays political games

Issued by Councillor Ross Strachan – DA Msunduzi Councillor
10 Feb 2021 in Press Statements

Following recent remarks by the Mayor of Msunduzi exhibiting complete ignorance towards the local Ratepayers Association, the Democratic Alliance (DA) will reach out to them and support them to place pressure on the municipality to improve service delivery.

Mayor Mzi Thebolla accused the Msunduzi Ratepayers Residents Association of using municipal issues for political games. This after the Ratepayers Association have sent ten letters to the Mayor, municipal manager, and senior management, challenging a number of issues faced by residents of the municipality including corruption – all of which were ignored.

Further to this, they had a face-to-face meeting with the Mayor last year where they handed over a memorandum with issues affecting the municipality. Even though the Mayor received and signed it, there has shockingly been no response.

The memorandum included  addressing the steady deterioration in services and infrastructure, poor management, lack of accountability, and increasing corruption, exposed yearly over the past 10 years.

The MARRC emphasised that the focus of the association is to educate citizens so that they can be proactive, understand Municipal processes, and take part in processes such as the IDP and decision-making and so that they can guide the municipality and help to address the different challenges in their respective communities by identifying the measures needed to be taken for the betterment of our city

The ANC-led municipality has made it clear that this is all about power and political games to them rather than the actual challenges facing the municipality – which the ANC is neglecting to deal with. The Constitution encourages and caters for the cooperation of Independent Ratepayers Associations within a local government structure, and it is therefore irresponsible in terms of the Constitution to disregard this requirement.

The DA in Msunduzi is willing to work with any civil organization and any independent organization that seeks to challenge the current state of the City to assist in bringing those responsible to account. We want to see the rebuilding of our City to be a place we can be proud of as residents.

Mayor Thebolla also needs to follow suit. If he fails, he leaves us with no choice but to explore urgent measures to force him and his management to cooperate.

The DA will continue to work tirelessly in ensuring that good governance prevails and to show the residents of Msunduzi that the DA is the only alternative in making sure we have capable, competent, and transparent leadership without fear or favour.