Only voters can Stop the ANC-IFP coalition of corruption

Issued by Zwakele Mncwango MPL – DA KZN Leader
25 May 2020 in Press Statements

The Democratic Alliance (DA) in KwaZulu- Natal notes the recent forensic investigation report into allegations of maladministration, fraud and corruption at Zululand District Municipality, released by the Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Department under Section 106(1)b of the Local Government Municipal Systems Act of 2000.

The DA believes that the recommendations should be implemented within the stipulated time without any delays. After studying the report, it became clear that implicated individuals were not given a chance to state their case or respond to damning allegations leveled against them, hence a disciplinary process will provide them with such an opportunity.

We do note the IFP’s response that they want to challenge this report in court. The DA believes that IFP has a right to do so as long as the municipality does not incur the costs. We will not support any council decision that seeks to suggest that the municipality pays for legal fees of those that are implicated in this report. Whilst we note there might be flaws in the report, individuals implicated must use their own money to challenge the report or take it for a court review.

The DA can never be part of an ANC-IFP coalition of corruption that started in the City of Johannesburg last year where the IFP divorced the DA through the media.

The IFP leader is on record saying they have decided to work with the ANC in the interest of the people. However, we believe it was in the interest of corruption. The IFP-ANC alliance was even extended to the KZN Legislature as we observe their cosy relationship. It is public knowledge that the DA continues to play the role of the official opposition despite being the third biggest party.

The DA in KZN honored the co-governance agreement with the IFP since 2016 because we thought they were serious about serving people and fighting corruption. However, their marriage with the ANC in 2019 which started in Johannesburg with the agreement to govern together all hung municipalities in KZN was the beginning of a coalition of corruption.

The IFP-DA co-governance agreement ended in 2019 when the IFP decided to work with the ANC.

The DA in the province accepted the IFP’s decision to work with the ANC and is happy to remain an opposition, fighting for the poor and the marginalised. We are going to play an oversight role in all municipalities and voters in 2021 local government elections will have to choose between the DA or ANC-IFP coalition of corruption.